Thursday, January 7, 2016

Unexpected Picture

What I notice about this picture, next to all those annoying red numbers, is the Oklahoma sunset. I am a sunset enthusiast and when I moved to Colorado I was excited to see the sun set behind the Rockies. The crazy things about mountains is that the sun just disappears, one minute it is there the next it isn’t, there are no oranges, reds, yellows & colors you only see exiting the sky in the evening. There are a lot of things I still miss about Oklahoma but the sunsets are certainly the top of the list.
Now to the point of this picture and post…those annoying red numbers. I am the queen of OCD, my icebox, pantry, bathroom supplies, movies, etc. are all alphabetized and those things which can’t be alphabetized or don’t make sense to be alphabetized are in color sequence, i.e my closets. All of this is relevant I promise. For as long as I can remember I have been a checklist, organizer, everything in order type of gal. My mother frequently tells stories of finding me organizing store shelves as a toddler, or putting all the crayons in color order in the crayon box. You see this thread of OCD has been with me since birth and although it has faded over the years it is still there. So those annoying red numbers, typically they annoy the $#^! out of me. The minute one pops on my phone it is almost immediately taken care of. What I notice when I look at this picture next to the amazing Oklahoma sunset is the massive amount of red numbers and how this over organized, checklist completer, OCD fanatic just doesn’t seem to care about those little red numbers right now. You see when something far more important happens in your life the small things just don’t seem to matter any longer. Ever since the death of Scott’s dad I have found myself in this state of not caring about the things that don’t fill my cup. Those things that do fill my cup, Christ, family, friends, intellect, and triathlons, seems to have taken a much higher priority in my life over the past couple of weeks. Do I care about work, I care about doing a good job but I don’t care about being the rockstar of the office; do I care about health, I care a great deal about living a healthy and happy life but I don’t need to be at the gym every night or eat a salad every meal; and do I care about those little red numbers, I do care about the people that reside behind them, but I don’t care that they reside on my phone screen and add a sense of clutter. Life is short, live in the moment, love unconditionally, be kinder than you feel, and for heaven sake don’t worry about the little red numbers in your life.

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