Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Nancy G. Brinker promised her dying sister, Susan G. Komen, she would do everything in her power to end breast cancer forever. In 1982, that promise became Susan G. Komen for the Cure, which is now the world’s largest breast cancer organization and the largest source of nonprofit funds dedicated to the fight against breast cancer with more than $1.5 billion invested to date.

Since 1997, the Tulsa Affiliate has raised over $4 million. With the support of our signature fundraiser, the Komen Tulsa Race for the Cure®, we awarded over $625,000 last year towards the fight against breast cancer by funding grassroots breast health and breast cancer programs as well as national research. Up to 75 percent of the net proceeds raised by the Affiliate are dedicated to fighting breast cancer in our community. Grants are awarded each year to organizations which provide breast health awareness and breast cancer screening and treatment programs for women in Tulsa County. In 2010, grants were awarded to Metropolitan Tulsa Urban League, Tulsa Project Woman, Indian Health Care Resource Center and Young Survival Coalition. A minimum of 25 percent of net proceeds raised by the Affiliate fund national breast cancer research through the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Grants Program.

The 14th annual Komen Tulsa Race for the Cure will take place at CityPlex Towers adjacent to the beautiful campus of Oral Roberts University on Saturday, September 25, 2010. Over 13,000 participants are expected at this year’s event featuring a Timed and Untimed 5k Run/Walk (untimed), special survivor activities and fun the whole family. Register today for the 2010 Komen Tulsa Race for the Cure!

For those of you who are not in the Tulsa area here a few additional races coming up in your communities within the month of September.

Amarillo, TX Saturday 9.25.10
Bangor, ME Sunday 9.19.10
Bossier City, LA Saturday 9.18.10
Boston, MA Saturday 9.25.10
Chattanooga, TN Sunday 9.26.10
Chicago, IL Saturday 9.25.10
Cincinnati, OH Saturday 9.25.10
Cleveland, OH Saturday 9.11.10
Colorado Springs, CO Sunday 9.12.10
Columbia, MO Sunday 9.19.10
Cookeville, TN Sunday 9.26.10
Evansville, IN Saturday 9.25.10
Grandville, MI Saturday 9.25.10
Greenville, SC Saturday 9.25.10
Lombard, IL Sunday 9.26.10
Milwaukee, WI Sunday 9.26.10
Monroe, LA Saturday 9.25.10
New York, NY Sunday 9.12.10
Newport Beach, CA Sunday 9.26.10
Portland, ME Sunday 9.12.10
Portland, OR Sunday 9.19.10
San Francisco, CA Sunday 9.26.10
Scranton, PA Saturday 9.11.10
Toledo, OH Sunday 9.26.10
Vermillion, SD Sunday 9.26.10
Wichita, KS Saturday 9.25.10

Go fundraise and run some races!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

A bit crazy!

I did not fall off the face of earth if you were wondering although there are some days I feel as though I have. Life has just been a bit crazy for me the past few weeks……………………..

I hopped a plane with a co-worker and a board member to Dallas in order to attend training for work. We had a great time, learned a lot, and most importantly got to know each other outside of the office. It is always fun when we get to see the fun, not so business like side of people.

I started dating this good lookn' man……..

I will share more about him later.

We have had 4 kickball games, in which we won all of them and are Summer 2010 Kickball Champs.

I learned how to wakeboard.

I have been working a lot.

I have spent time with family.

I have been loving life!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Going out of town

I am heading out of town in a little over an hour and for the first time ever I am boarding a plane with only one pair of shoes packed in my bag and no computer. A trip to Dallas for business is the reason for jumping on a one hour flight this afternoon and I discovered last time I jetted to Dallas on business I needed to simplify my travel routine. So with that said I am signing off for a few days and leaving you with the imagine of this tasty treat in your head. This weekend I will be back with stories from Guinness Cup game 5, a new special man in my life, recipes, and much more so stay tuned.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Guinness Cup…..game 4

Game 4 started out like any other, there was a chug off, there was a first pitch, there was a first kick, and there were two teams one of which was undefeated. Our team set out to play the ‘Upperdecker’ for the second time this season. You may remember a couple weeks ago we played this team and had quite the competition on our hands, they were good, they played hard, they played with a drive to win, a drive to knock us out the field of the undefeated. We were standing alone in that field and began to realize we felt a bit like a lone tree in the middle of a golf course during a lighting storm.

We came out with the same determination and drive to stay number one as the Upperdecker’s had to take that number one spot away. With a Chris and Michael combination we were able to get a runner home in the first inning.

The game lost enthusiasm as player after player got out. Then it happened……lightening struck at the bottom of the 7th when the Upperdecker’s got two players into home. Just like that the game was over….we lost by one run, but more heart breaking is we lost the title of being the only summer league WAKA Kickball team that remained undefeated.

There were tears, sulking, and very little talking, well maybe tears is stretching it too much, there were not any of those but there was a crew of unhappy kickball players; until we got to Shenanigans for our mid-season party. It is amazing how pizza and adult beverages can turn any sad heart around.

Until next time……….

Monday, August 9, 2010

Tomatillo Avocado Salsa

My best friend……

She is turning a year older this Friday the 13th of August and to avoid the tears shed because I can’t be with her on her big day I turned to food all weekend, because that is what I do when I am sad I eat Mexican food and lots of it. My Mexican love handles and backside are a stark reminders why I really need to find a different outlet than eating Mexican food for comfort. However, this past weekend there was no time for thinking of different outlets…….I needed to fill the Nicole’s birthday void with something PRONTO!!!

That void was slightly filled with Tomatillo Avocado Salsa. I do have to admit I forgot about the world around me as I took that first sample bite. In fact I thought maybe I had died and this was the food served at God’s banquet table. But then I opened my eyes and saw the huge mess of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink and quickly realized……..no I was still in Oklahoma with a mound of dishes that needed to be washed. However, I will admit this yummy appetizer…..well it became my meal for dinner, yes it was that good.

• ½ pound Tomatillos; quartered (about 4 medium Tomatillos)
• ½ cup Cilantro; loosely packed
• 2 whole Serrano peppers; roughly chopped
• ¼ cup water
• 1 whole Avocado; diced ¼ inch
• ½ whole medium sized White Onion; diced ¼ inch
• ½ teaspoons Salt; or to taste

Place tomatillos, cilantro, Serrano pepper and water in a food processor. Pulse until it is a slightly chunky puree. Toss the avocado into the processor and pulse a second or two. Make sure to keep the avocado in good sized chunks. Place the diced onion in a colander and give it a good rinse in cold water to rid the onion of the sulfur flavor and then add it to the salsa and stir, season with salt.

Eat till you belly hurts, you won’t regret it I promise. I would never steer you wrong when it comes to food.

Love ya,

**recipe courtesy Sweet Savory Planet.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Confetti Cakeballs

I am often asked the question: “do you like to cook”? Now to me this question is loaded with way too many variables. My regular response is “could you specify ‘cook’”. If we are talking Ramon noodles……I am the queen, if the reference is made to any meat dish…...you are better off making a deal with the devil than expecting some dish of that caliber to come out my kitchen, if it is high carb low protein entrées..... that is doable, but if you were a gambln’ man you would do best to wager on anything encompassing sugar. Cook=questionable at best………baking=extraordinary!!

A couple weeks ago an amazing young woman, a great friend, and spunky college senior turned 21 and I made cakeballs for the celebration.

They were beyond a hit and I promised I would put the secret recipe out on my blog…….so after weeks I finally come through on my promise here you go Kristi and Dana.

You will need:
1 box of confetti cake (bake as directed)
1 can cream cheese frosting
1 tube birthday sprinkles
1 package candy quick coating

To prepare:
Bake cake according to package directions.
Let cake cool completely.
Crumble cake into a large mixing bowl.
Add 2/3 can of cream cheese frosting to crumbled cake.
Combine completely.
Roll into balls (the size is up to you).
Place balls in freezer for 30 mins or until firm.
Coat with candy quick and immediately add sprinkles.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Suffocating, scorching and lethal

I come to you from a distance and deselect place where the heat is so intense you see it rising from the pavement. Where people are covered from head to toe knowing that if even an inch of their skin is exposed to the blistering heat they might evaporate like liquid. A place that I like to call the Sahara, but most refer to as Tulsa Oklahoma. To say it is hot is an understatement; I like to refer to this day as suffocating, scorching, and lethal to one’s health.

We are going on our third day of temperatures soaring over 100. I would love to share with you all the things I love about this weather but as it may end up all I can think about is how much I long for days gone by.

Days of ice storms.........

freak snow storms.....

cut through you wind, beanies, scarves......

and down filled blankets. Days curled up by the fire, not to be confused with catching on fire, which happened to me yesterday as I tried to step outside in the atrociously nasty heat. Days of sweaters, football games, and falling leaves. I simply long for days that are anything but those that are devastating to my wellbeing.

Remind me I told you this when I am writing from the frozen tundra of the arctic in January.

Love ya,

Guinness Cup…..game 3

Guinness Cup game 3 was an adventure of sorts. We were playing a well rounded team full of talent, athleticism, and a heart to win. I should take this moment to point out that during summer league there are only 5 teams as appose to fall and spring where there could be as many as 25 teams, so we play each other quite frequently during these hot summer months. This however was the first time we played this group of cats and the first time our undefeated record had a chance to be broken.

Our team was off to a good start.....

we won the chug off……

The kicking was good…………..

The running was good………

Then all went to hadies in a hand basket for me. At the bottom of the 4th a ball was kicked……

Straight down the third baseline right to me. I called it “I GOT IT” next thing I knew I was being asked if I was okay and a teammate was pealing me off the grass. Being I am the only one that takes pictures, I don’t have any documentation of the story I am about to share……thank goodness!!

As rumor has it I was a part of……in the words of Lindsay “the most ungraceful thing I have ever seen” three teammates vying to catch the same ball. Now for any of you, not just those that are familiar with sports containing flying balls, if three people try to catch the same ball there are bound to be problems and problems there were. As I mentioned I saw the ball coming my way and I called out that I was going to catch it, unfortunately my teammate standing in front of me playing third base did not hear me. He began running backwards, but being I was looking up in the sky at a ball about to hit me in the face I missed the fact that my teammate and I were growing closer and closer to a collision. While all of this was unfolding, I had another teammate to the left of me that has no confidence in anyone on the team and their ability to catch a ball as a result he tries to catch every ball that is kicked passed the pitcher no matter field location. As one teammate was running backwards in my direction, there was another one running at me from the left, and amidst all that I never knew anything was going on because silly me I was watching a ball I CALLED!!! I am sure you can all guess the outcome of the story……………we all collided the ball was not caught by any of us and I was laid out with only a loss of consciousness for a few seconds and a bruised bottom and chin to show for my valiant efforts.

Despite the chaos we won 1 run to 0.

*****I was unable to make game 4 due to work, but we won with some drama 5 runs to 1.


Monday, August 2, 2010

What a day!

Today started out a bit on the rocky side, I have to admit I was sad while driving into work. I know what you are thinking……well Jennifer anyone would be sad who has to drive as far as you do into town every day, battling all the road construction. You are right that does tend to make me sad, but today I was sad for a different reason, for today was the first day that we would be flying solo without our summer intern. Kristie was not only our summer intern; she also became a great friend. Her positive disposition in helping wherever we needed her was a breath of fresh air, but even more specific to my personal life Kristie’s fun loving, easy going, free spirited personally quickly paved a path to a great friendship. Don’t get me wrong I will miss the help, but I will miss the friend I made even more.

However, I am happy to report my day quickly made a turn in opposite direction. Following our staff meeting I noticed I had a missed called as I checked the message I began smiling……………by the time I hung up the phone I was grinning from ear to ear, for on the voice message I heard I had been selected to be in a Hard Rock Café commercial. Are you kidding me!!!!! I was super excited.

Long story short a day that I dreaded at the begin, ended up being one of the best in a while.