Monday, June 28, 2010

Depth of Field

Our second photography assignment was on depth of field.

In the words of my instructor, depth of field is the portion of the scene that appears sharp in the image. It is the range of distance within the subject that is acceptably sharp. The depth of field varies depending on lens, focusing distance, and aperture setting. The depth of field does not abruptly change from sharp to un-sharp, but instead occurs as a gradual transition. In fact, everything immediately in front of or in back of the focusing point begins to lose sharpness – even if this is not perceived by our eyes or by the resolution of the camera.

Camera setting-Aperture Priority
White balance-Daylight

Camera setting-Aperture Priority
White balance-Daylight

Camera setting-Aperture Priority
White balance-Daylight

Camera setting-Aperture Priority
White balance-Daylight

Camera setting-Aperture Priority
White balance-Daylight

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Who just turned 2?


A cowgirl at heart, a sorority sister by blood and a great friend by nature throw a party to please any toddler. Her precious, adventurous, boy after his daddy’s heart turned two yesterday which meant Tulsa needed to celebrate.

Family and friends galore rolled out to celebrate in style with Brecken and Elmo. Here are some images from the fun filled evening.

Birthday boy!!!


Time for gifts....

Lots of fun new toys!

Happy birthday to you.....

Happy birthday to you.....

Happy birthday to Brecken....

Happy birthday....




Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Photography 101

Because I have a big girl camera, because it is the summer and I don’t have enough to do, because I love photography, and because I am getting photography appointments very regularly…….I started taking a photography class.

And as I said because it is summer and I don’t have enough to do I am already behind on my photography class blogs………….oh wait, I am behind on my blog in general.

Our first assignment was on manual exposure using our big kid cameras. I like to cheat and take short cuts as much as I can, yicks did I just say that out loud. I like to take short cuts when taking pictures…….there that makes me feel better and not so much like a criminal. Because I like to take the path less bumpy and I am not 100% familiar with the manual setting on my camera I usually just put it on the sport or action mode and call it a day. That was until two weeks ago when I set out to complete my very first homework assignment.

On June 13th I fell in love and when I fall in love it is quite a production. Trumps sounded, angles sang, my tummy tingled, and I began performing back handsprings in my mini skirt and wedges on the sidewalks of downtown Tulsa. When the homeless people congregating in front of the bus stop looked at me as though I had lost my mind…I simply shouted “I just found my one true love”. They didn’t seem to feel the same excitement in their bones that I had surging through by body from uncovering the manual mode on my big girl camera.

Being that I do not have an issue with control, no not this sister. I am sure the fact that I can control the ISO, the shutter speed, the White Balance, and the aperture has absolutely nothing to do with why I love the setting so much. Okay so maybe I have a teeny tiny problem with control but that is subject matter for my psychologist not my blog post on photography.

Here are five shots I took for my first assignment……….


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Awwwww summer!

As I mentioned yesterday and as everyone knows with summer comes heat which I do not like, however there are a ton of things I do love about summer:

My tomato, basil, and cilantro garden

Warm evenings on the porch with friends

The lake


Visits from family


Flip Flops

Los Cabos on Friday or Saturday nights

Homemade Ice Cream

My budding Calla Lilies

Early Saturday morning runs along the river


Seeing my friends at the gym in the evenings because it is too hot to run outside

Great photography opportunities

Sleepovers with my precious cousin Maggie

Evening bike rides

4th of July

Fresh fruit and vegetable stands


Weekend races

Sunday afternoon’s poolside

Yeah for summer!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Yicks it's hot......

I was thinking this evening as I was running in the blazing heat that I have not shared any running tips with you all in months. With today being the first day of summer and with summer, arrives heat I thought it would be a good time to share some running advice I have uncovered. Heat happens to be the greatest offender to all runners, due to the fact that heat causes two negative factors……overheating and dehydrations.

There is a lot of scientific mumbo-jumbo that explains how your body heats and cools itself, but the bottom line is overheating occurs when the body cannot keep up with the demands of the evaporation of water from your skin. In order to avoid overheating you should give your body at least two weeks to adapt to the heat. During this adapting phase your pace and intensity need to be reduced. Your goal is simply to get your run in not to set a record pace, in order to train your body to cool itself in warmer weather. It is also essential to wear light colored, loose fitting wicking running gear. If running in the morning or late evening is conducive to your schedule you will avoid the heat, however you may encounter higher humidity. For those of you who live in Oklahoma, Texas, DC or any other states that have heat alert days it may be wise to simply take your training indoors on those days.

Dehydration is the second factor that plagues runners during the hotter months. Water is important to all of us runners or non-runners alike. However if plans for your day consist of a run in the heat it is recommended you drink 8oz of water per hour throughout the day. Make sure you also consume water or a sports drink during your run. For any runs shorter than 45 mins. water will suffice however if your run will be longer it is suggested to consume a cup of sports drink every 15-20 min. in order to fuel your muscles and aid in maintaining electrolyte levels. It is always good to remember that if you are thirsty you are already low on fluids. There are many different indication of dehydration a couple being…..a high heart rate during and after your run in addition to golden-colored urine. It is imperative that you continue drinking fluids after your run until your urine is clear.

Running in the warmer weather is not always bad, just take the appropriate precautions.

Happy Running,

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Days like today make me miss living closer to home……..days when I want to wrap my arms around my daddy and tell him how much I love him. My daddy is the first man I ever loved, the first man to take up residency in my heart, and the first man to have me wrapped around his finger. Growing up I never thought of myself as a daddy’s girl, but the older I get I think I need to reconsider that thought. My daddy encourages me when I have lost all hope, he supports me when I think I have no more strength to give, he laughs at me when my blonde starts to come out, and he loves me with his whole heart.

Happy Father’s Day daddy…I love you so much!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Goodbye spring

Spring is coming to an end and here in Oklahoma summer arrived early. It is hot here in Tulsa which results in this sister not being able to be outside for long while the sun is out. However, this evening I was sitting out on the patio reading and looked up to see what beauty hot days provide at night. There were some storms firing up east of Tulsa which allowed for us to watch the many colors that seem to only be seen exiting the summer night skies.


Play offs or not?

Wrapping up my whirlwind adventure in DC Ashley and I took on the rewarding task of being the two cheerleaders for Chad’s intramural football team.

However, our enthusiastic cheering went a little unnoticed.

The boys didn’t quite make it to play offs.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Best golf adventure EVER!!!!

I uncovered a hidden treasure of sorts while I was on my crazy lighting speed adventure to DC.

Alexandria Virginia has always been a little town I enjoy visiting while I am in the DC metropolitan area. A cute little colonial town with so much history situated perfectly on the Potomac River. It is also home to one of my new favorite establishments…..Top Golf!

I was beyond excited when my brother mentioned we could go play golf while I was in town, however I never knew “play golf” would consist of going to a driving range. This was no ordinary driving range however, and I sit here today questioning whether or not I may have just had more fun at this driving range than playing an actual real game of golf.

Top Golf offers a unique driving range experience in that interactive games can be played between friends or siblings.

To begin each player gets 20 balls/game each with a microchip specified for each player. Six different game modes can be played; Chad and I chose the short game. This is important to know, being we both tried to drive a few balls that didn’t count in the scoring process since a game was chosen that a driver was not necessary for. Once the ball is hit the microchip in each ball tracks shot accuracy and distance in addition to awarding points when targets, likes those shown above are hit at a range from 20-250 yards. If the hit ball does not land on a target, like many of mine, points are not scored.

All of the concentration and superb golf skills allowed me to win two out of the three games played against my brother.

Yes, I am sure it was the year and a half of golf lessons I have had, rather than beginners luck.

My brother however made a comeback and kicked my booty in the third game......

and when I say kicked my booty I mean kicked it so hard I almost ended up back in Oklahoma. He did excellent, I am not always super excited to lose, well I never am, but I was really proud of my brother and his golf game.

I determined that this establishment would be a great place to meet a guy or a fun place for a date. But that is story for a different post. In the mean time I had the best time with this guy in my life, my brother!!

It was hot, it was humid, it was a Sunday afternoon in one of the best parts of this great nation. I was happy, I was sweating, I was with one of the most important people in my life, playing one of my favorite sports. I LOVED it!!


Saturday, June 12, 2010


After I ran in DC last weekend I ate some breakfast, didn’t take a nap, went to a craft fair in Alexandria, did a lot of sweating, saw a super cute guy that I really should have talked to, ate dinner, and still didn’t take a nap I went out on the town with Chad, Ashley, and a few of their oh so fun friends. I got highly intoxicated off of fun, laughter, soda, and lots of skee ball. Here are a few pictures from the evening.

Chad kicked my booty, but I will run to my defense and mention he is on a Skee ball intramural team, so he has had a bit more practice than I.

Kelly was not a force to be reckoned with. I think she made mention that she played competitive skee ball in high school and college; yep I am sure that is what she said.

Ashley and I…… brother sure knows how to pick out an amazing girlfriend, I could not be happier with Ashley in his life and as a result our entire families life.

Chad and Ryan

Someone taught me some techniques; I won’t mention my teacher’s names, Ashley. Once I knew what I was doing, I began causing some damage myself.

Nilam and Kelly

Every athlete must take a time for a drink in order to refuel, right girls?

Kelly and Ryan dueling it out.

I am thinking Tulsa needs to take the trailblazing lead of DC and develop intramural skee ball leagues. The evening brought back great memories of playing the game at Bells Amusement Park in Tulsa when I was in third grade.

A great time was had by all and some amazing new friends were made!!


Friday, June 11, 2010

21st Annual Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure

On any given Saturday morning 5am would have come way too early. However, last Saturday 5am arrived perfectly on time. After all I had been waiting for June 5, 2010 for months; I could not believe it was already here. Little did I know as I got ready for the day that it was going to be one of joy, frustration, excitement, tears and accomplishments. Amidst all the emotions, it would end up being one of the best days yet this year.

As the sun was rising on our Nation’s Capital I was preparing to volunteer for, run in, and support one of the largest Susan G. Komen for the Cure races.

My shoes were tied tight, my number was pinned on straight, a smile was on my face and in my heart…………….I was ready to go.

Because my brother is the best he got up early to have me dropped off on the mall by 6:15am. I know what you are thinking….”I will never be running in a Race for the Cure if I have to be there at 6:15am.” Hold up, get those panties out of a pinch…….the race didn’t start until 8am. I registered to volunteer at the I Am the Cure tent before the race started. The first unfortunate turn of events happened during the hour and a half I volunteered. Brace yourself for this devastating news I am about to divulge…….are you ready……I didn’t get any pictures of my volunteer effort. Okay so maybe that is not life or death, but for this photographer it almost seemed like it.

On a more positive note…………….I did get pictures from the rest of the day, and was even able to commission some help from Chad and Ashley to capture many sweet moments while I was out doing something silly like running a race.

A mom going through treatment with a shirt that says “My girls are racing for ME” and her three girls have shirts that read “Racing for MOM.”

The parade of nearly 4,000 survivors.

Country singer and Susan G. Komen for the Cure Celebrity Ambassador Candy Coburn singing what I like to refer to as the Komen Anthem…’Pink Warrior’. You can read the lyrics here.

Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker sharing the promise she made to her dying sister, Susan G. Komen, over 30 years find a cure for breast cancer.

Dr. Jill Biden joined by her granddaughters as she speaks on her involvement with Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Women and Men, young and younger were showing their support for the Cure!

Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure 2010 started!!

Look really hard do you see me………anyone? Anyone?

I still can’t seem to find myself amongst all these runners either, hummmm?

If I didn’t know better I would think I was trying to play where’s Waldo.

Oh look there I am! No I am not at the front of the pack setting a pace of 5:45. The winner Meghan Ridgley is my new hero she finish the 5k in 17:52 and yes she is my age. I also did not photoshop any runners out so it would appear I am running the race alone. I won’t go into the details of how exactly this pictures was able to be taken, I will leave that up to Chad and Ashley to explain if they so choose….Love you guys, I really do, I promise..I just can’t let you live this one down!!

One of many survivors running the 5k. What an inspiration these women are!!

How cute!! I have never tried running and holding hands, but it is working for these three.

I love the color combination. I am pretty sure pink goes with just about anything!!

There were so many runners, I felt honored to be among them.

The finish line is in sight!!

How empowering to see thousands of people out to support one cause…the mission to find a cure for breast cancer.

Representatives from around the globe came out to run.

Here I come around the bend and into the finish line. I have run a lot of races, and more 5k’s than I can even begin to recall, but never has one meant as much to me as this one did.

Not only is it a great feeling to simply cross the finish line, but for me in this race it was so much more. I was running for a cause, I was running in memory of my grandmother who lost her life to the disease, I was running for cousins and friends who have survived; I was running for those who just heard “you have breast cancer” and those who have been told “you are in remission”. I was running to fund research and grants; I was running for those that can’t, I was running for my employer, I was running for our future. I was running because my heart, my passion, my time, and my love lie in the arms of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Knowing now why I ran you can imagine the wave of emotions that went over me when I heard for the first time after running hundreds of races, “now crossing the finish line, Jennifer Barrington from Glenpool Oklahoma” as I finished on June 5, 2010 the Global Race for the Cure.

This however was the icing on the Georgetown Cupcake for me.

My brother

and Ashley were there to support me.

I can think of very few things that feel better than knowing you are supported by those friends and family you hold closest to you. Seeing Chad and Ashley standing there cheering me on swept away my frustration as to why I was running the beginning of the race alone and as a result why my time was not what I would have liked it to be. Their love and support meant more to me than they will ever know.

Chad and Ashley seem to think I am the department of energy……something about being on the go all the time. As a side note, the arm thing was not my idea, just wanted to state that for the record. It however goes quite well with the message on the back of shirt.......please remember and be strong!!

I have not seen the figures for the 2010 Global Race; however the 2009 Race raised over $4.7 million for education and community outreach programs in and around the Nation's Capital and across the globe. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women worldwide and is the leading cause of cancer death….claiming a new victim every 68 seconds. Being that many of the deaths due to breast cancer occur in developing countries where education and treatment are not as readily available, it is comforting to know that 25% of funds raised through Race registration, individual and team fundraising, as well as sponsorship dollars at each Affiliates race is used for research and bridging the gap of knowledge in the less educated nations. In the words of Ambassador Nancy Brinker “where a woman lives should not determine whether she lives.”

Please help support your communities Affiliate through volunteer efforts or by participating in an upcoming Race for the Cure. I have included a list of many upcoming races and a link to each Affiliates website.

June 26th Baxter, MN
July 17th Aspen, CO
July 17th Manchester, VT
August 8th Kansas City, MO
August 14th Cheyenne, WY

These are the summer races. Most Affiliates hold their races in the fall, I will update you on the remaining races for 2010 within the coming weeks.

Thank you for your love, support, time and generosity in helping us to one day live in a world void breast cancer.

Love you,