Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random but fun.

I have been working on a project which I will divulge in more detail at a later date; however it required me to look up some unique, fun, random and interesting questions that could be asked of someone. I thought, it might be fun to answer some of the random questions here on my blog about myself. So here it goes…….

What was the best vacation you ever had? It is a tossup between going on a cruise with my best friend after graduating college or going to Chicago with Aunt Susie and Maggie. Both trips were extraordinarily fun and I was able to spend quality time with people I hold near and dear to my heart.

What is the first thing you notice in the opposite sex? Eyes, teeth and personality.

Are you afraid of the dark? I am afraid of being outside in the dark by myself, but I am not afraid of the dark in my locked apartment.

What are you afraid of? Fire, snakes, snakes, snakes, oh and snakes!!!

Are you a giver or a taker? I LOVE to give!!! I give hugs, I give gifts, I give of my time, I give baked goods, I give complements, I give encouragement, I feel as though I was born to give!

What am I grateful for? My blessed life, full of amazing people, extraordinary family, a rewarding career, my health, my happiness, my life!

Do I care what others think of me? Yes and no but more no! I try to live my life with respect, honor, dignity and grace. If someone does not like me because of that, that is on them not me.

What has had the greatest impact on my life? My relationships…….I have had some profound mentors in my life (God, family, friends, teachers, professors). I don’t have enough time to share a story about everyone that has impacted my life in one way or another, but I will say that without the relationships I have been blessed with I would not be the women I am today.

What is the best advice you have received? To never settle.

Love ya,

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