Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let the festivities continue!

I guess I am glad I didn’t promise I would continue my Race for the Cure adventure in a prompt manner since it has been weeks now. My apologies, I have no excuse really except for my computer at home is totally dead, it is breast cancer awareness month and I packed up and moved across town, but other than that I have just been sitting at home twiddling my thumbs.

So to continue my Race for the Cure adventure…………I think I left off having just called daddy when I thought I had called Lindsay. I was a bit concerned about the progress of the day being the beginning was nothing short of rocky. However, I am pleased to report that race day went off without a hitch, at least for me it did. All my volunteers showed up to educated the participants and spectators on the importance of early detection and breast health.

The cheerleading groups, whom we like to refer to as Cureleaders were on time and ready to position themselves along the race course to cheer on the runners and walkers.

It was also my honor to introduce the winning cheer squad from online cheer completion we held. I was beyond elated to introduce them, just not so much beyond elated to be doing it on a stage with a mic in front of thousands.

My volunteers who helped me at the I AM THE CURE tent were eager and an extraordinary help throughout the day.

Matt came and ran the 5k, and did an outstanding job………finishing the race in approximately 22 mins. Yes, for all you math wizards out there that is averaging about a 7 min mile.

It was a wonderful day! There were smiles and love for those who have survived this awful disease, there were tears for those we have lost, there was hope, joy, victories and passion to one day find a cure.

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