Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A little H2O

I have huge news to share with you.

Are you ready?

Are you sitting down?

Are you sure you are ready?

I registered for my first ever triathlon!!!!

Okay so maybe that is not huge news for you, but I am beyond excited. I have been thinking about competing in a triathlon for nearly 3 years, yes I know it takes me while to commit. I have spent the past month looking for a road bike I think I found the perfect one, I just need to save for it now….those thing a ma jigs do not come cheap. However, the one thing I can start right now is learning to swim, I hear that is critical to the success of competing in a tri.

I started swim lessons last night and oh my gosh I may have found my new love. You may be thinking I thought children under the age of 10 took swim lessons; well they do but so do women who are 32 and like to channel their inner child from time to time. So I pulled on my super tight Speedo, strapped on my goggles and did a cannon ball right into the middle of the pool well maybe not that last little bit.

I met my swim instructor at 7pm last night and to be honest I was a bit nervous. I had been thinking all day ‘I am pretty sure I am going to start hyperventilating when I put my face in the water’. After all for 30 some years I have been swimming with my face above the water with the notion that I was going to breath in H2O if I stuck my nose in the water. Much to my surprise I have no issue at all with placing my face under water; I did however have some serious issues with keeping my chin glued to my chest. As Katie (my most precious swim instructor) told me, if I don’t keep my head down then I am going to cause drag and it will slow me down. SLOW ME DOWN that is not going to work, after all I am learning to swim in order to compete in a timed event.

With my lesson only being 30 mins in length we simply worked on the chin issue, Thursday’s lesson will bring something new and exciting I am sure. But I need to practice so I am off to the pool in order to concur gluing my chin to my chest… you think super glue or gorilla glue is the best for this particular situation?


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