Tuesday, May 3, 2011

National Teachers Day

Anybody and everybody that makes this world a better place by just being in it should have a special day in their honor. I think of a lot of people that have done extraordinary things in our history and/or are extraordinary people that have days specifically designed to honor them.

January 15th ……Martin Luther King’s Birthday

February 15th …….Presidents Day

March 17th…….St. Patrick's Day

April 29th…..Mica’s Birthday

May 8th …….Mother’s Day

June 19th ….Father’s Day

July 4th….Independence Day

August 8th ….Shanda’s Birthday

September 5th….Labor Day

October 1st….World Vegetarian Day

November 3rd….Matt’s Birthday

December 25th….Christmas

Today….May 3rd is a day set aside to honor and celebrate those who do something good, important and valuable every day…..our teachers. Teachers help to shape, form and mold us in a positive direction and into the individuals who we become. I can think of many teachers through the years that have impacted my life in a profound and positive way……Mrs. Ports, Ms. Adair, Mr. Wagner, Mrs. Nelson, Mr. Basher, Dr. Ownbey and the list goes on. When I recall all the extraordinary teachers in my life they all have the same attributes….supportive, helping, humble, kind spirited, motivating, patient and positive.

Thank you to all the teachers out there that make this world a better place by helping to shape and mold our great nation!!

Thank you teachers!!


  1. Yay Mrs. Ports---I helped in her classroom during high school. What a great teacher. Thanks for mentioning this. :)

  2. I loved her!! I didn't know you helped out in her classroom :-)