Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fresh mountain air.

For all of those that may be thinking I fell off a mountain being it has been some time since I have written, rest assure I still have my feet firmly planted on the Colorado soil. Last week however, I nearly firmly planted my bottom in the mountain snow and taken what I would have considered the easier route down the hill at Beaver Creek. For you see I took my very first snowboarding lesson. After skiing for nearly 20 years I thought what better adventure than that of snowboarding for the first time at age 33. An adventure it was, but that story will have to wait.

I headed to Beaver Creek to spend a few days with my dear friend Maddy. She requested that my camera come to one of her soccer games in order to take pictures, and as fate might have it, I needed to accompany my camera.

After the melee of the bumblebees on the soccer field, Maddy and I made a beeline for the fire pit at Beaver Creek resort to make s'mores. I am a bit remiss for not taking a picture of the marshmallows we purchased for this s'mores outing. They were jumbo sized, in fact they were not the easiest things to roast we held them in the fire until we were nearly on fire and the oooy gooy marshmallows were not so oooy gooy. For what it is worth, if you should find yourself in the grocery store collecting s'mores making supplies, just stand in awe of how large the jumbo marshmallows are and settle for the regular s'mores marshmallows.

We had an extraordinary evening in the fresh mountain rain which may or may not have made us smell like a campfire.

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