Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Result

I am sure you all have been waiting on the edge of your seat to know whether or not sprinkles were showered down on me or if I continued to experience a day that resulted in an earlier than normal bedtime. I am happy to report that my day which started out less than ideal did a 180 degree turnaround as I was stepping out of the office door last week; my work world as I knew it would be no more. After weeks of being in a position of growth, emotionally and mentally I was told on this less than ideal day that I was going to be starting in a new role, not in two weeks, not next week, but the following morning. Although talks of this change had been buzzing for nearly the same amount of time in which I resided in the position of growth, the reality of the talks coming to fusion were almost too much for me. I was over the moon, I was ecstatic, I was nearly in tears. Not only was this new role going to provide an opportunity to learn, to grow as a professional, to be challenged mentally, and also to interface with leaders within the organization; it was also going to provide the opportunity to work with an incredibly amazing team. As I face this new journey with a pep in my step and a huge smile in heart I am reminded of the following quote;

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