Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guinness Cup… 2

Guinness Cup game 2 started out with a bit of an uneasy feeling for me. You know that feeling deep in the pit of your stomach when you feel as though something is going to go terribly wrong? Well that is how I felt as I made the long daunting walk from the parking lot to the ballpark, I will spare you all the juicy details as to why I had that “make you nauseas feeling” but it had nothing to do with the fact I am having a hard time figuring something out regarding a situation on my team. It is a.....what should I interesting dynamic.

As in most any game it needs to be decided what team will play offense or defense first. Typically a coin toss would determine this staging of the game, however in kickball there is “chug off”. Whatever you are imagining you are correct, there is a beer chugging "coin toss". The teams best chuggers stand at home plate and chug a beer the first one done chooses field position. Again, I apologize for lack of photographic documentation of this classy start to a game, game three I will be more on the ball. Our team lost the chug off, so we started in the outfield.

As fate may have it we kicked the socks off the our opponents, getting their first three runners out. It was now our time to shine and shine we did……………..

Matt pitched…………

and Lindsay ran.....

This rotation, Matt pitching…..

our team running....

and running......carried on throughout the entire game. Poor blue team hardly had the chance to run at all.

We won 6-0 in the sweltering 107 Oklahoma heat. It was a bitter sweet victory over a team full of old friends.

Michael brought his amazingly out of this world super cute twin boys. Their cheering was the reason for our win I am positive.

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