Thursday, July 1, 2010

When you find this........

Because I am a vegetarian, because I am madly and deeply in love with anything that encompasses tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella, because it is summer, because I have a patio perfect for planting pots I chose to work on building myself a garden this summer. Now one may think this is an easy task but my friends I am here to tell you this sister’s green thumb has a slight tint of brown this year. I think it is the scorching Oklahoma heat that has turned my thumb and tomato plant brown…..yes I am positive that is what happened, it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact I have never in all my life tried to grow anything. Despite the brown/burned leaves on my tomato plant, the dying flowers planted in the same pot, the shriveled up cilantro, my basil is thriving and I was beyond excited to see glistening in the early afternoon sunlight a beaming red ripe tomato.

A salad full of spinach, carrots, cucumbers, cheese, we CAN NOT leave cheese off my salads, eggs, and this vine ripe, super juicy, scrumptious tomato.

As I went to pull the tomato off the vine to add it to my salad I saw this………….

Yes, something took a bite out of my glowing finally ripe tomato.

I cried.

Then pulled the tomato off the vine through it in the garbage and am now waiting for the only other tomato on the plant to ripen. I have put a high tech shocking devise around my tomato plant so to avoid another disheartening discovery.

A disconcert gardener

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