Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Let the games begin

This summer I joined a kickball team and let me be the first to tell you, it is SOOOO much fun!! Really for most of the kickball community it is simply an opportunity to drink some beer, have some fun, and socialize with friends. However, our team has a little different mentality. Oh don’t get me wrong most of the team still has their fair share of beer, fun, and friends but we also have a large amount of competitive blood running through our veins.

Let me take a minute to introduce you to the cast of characters, and characters is certainly the correct word to use to describe my “Baller” team mates. I realize I am missing a few pictures, due to the rotation of kickers I was not able to get pictures of the kickers after me. I will keep updating as the games go on.



Brandie & Shannon

Eddie & Malinda




Lindsay & Jenifer



Our first game of summer league we won 7-0, it was a game filled with fun, sweat, old friends, more sweat, and maybe a beer or two thrown in for good measure.

Okay, I guess I should be a bit more specific when I say old friends, I really mean old boyfriends. Yes, when I showed up at the kickball field for my very first kickball game I headed over to our field and the first person I saw was my ex-boyfriend. At first it took my breath away I had after all not seen him in a good long while. However I was beyond elated when no feelings at all came flooding back into my soul. No feelings of a missed love, no feelings of great times had, no feelings of frustration or anger or anything in-between. I was once told the opposite of love is not hate it is indifference and that is exactly how I felt I was indifferent when seeing my ex. What a breath of fresh air that was.

I will pause for a moment and share a little secret………I was not jumping over the moon when he and his team mates stayed to watch the entire first portion of our game. But once I got out there kicked my first pitch I was golden and nothing around phased me. I was having fun ex-boyfriend and all.

I don't have any pictures to document our first win of the season, but Guinness Cup game 2 through the rest of the season will be documents right here on this blog weekly. Be ready for lots of wins, lots of stories, and more adventures than you can imagine having in a life time much less a day. Hold on to your socks strap in you are about to take a ride, hopefully full of enough laughter to make you cry.


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