Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Missed a month

So I sit here today the first day of March, realizing I missed almost an entire month of blogging yet again. The past two weeks have been a bit of a blur between two surprise birthday parties, three days spent at the hospital with a grandfather in ICU, a huge report due at the office, two parties I made cupcakes for, and a grandfather that passed away. I feel as though I have just run a marathon without a metal to prove it.

The month of February started with a snow storm to beat the record books and ended with a sad good-bye to a loved one. What a month, a month I am sure I will remember forever. But I here to tell you I am getting back in the saddle and am hopeful the month of march will be a bit more calm. Here is a short list of items I hope to accomplish this month............

1) Relax
2) Plant an herb garden at Matt's (he does not know his backyard will soon smell of basil and cilantro)
3) Take more pictures
4) Blog more often
5) Pick up training for a half
7) Relax (oh did I mention that already)

Happy 1st day of March Ya'all!

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