Sunday, September 22, 2013

Opening Game

It is not a secret that I am not a huge fan of professional sports. Even though college football is the oxygen to my fall months, I still do not really like professional football. That being said when you are a big sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters and number 18 himself (Payton Manning for those of you not from the Denver area) provides you with NFL open game tickets you smile, take the tickets, and do a happy dance inside because there are people who would sell their soul to the devil for these tickets. Let me take a quick min to brag on my little, she is smart as a tack, beautiful inside and out, and has a great personality. You see in order for us to get these high demand tickets my little had to write an essay about bullying at school and how to decrease the frequency of such cowardly behavior. Her essay WON!!
The morning of September 5, 2013 I put on my one and only Broncos shirt, luckily the mayor requested everyone paint Denver ‘orange’ on this specific day so I got to wear jeans and a t-shirt to the office. I left work a tad early, dealt with the horrific traffic in order to pick up my little. We rode the light rail, the first time ever for me, back into town. You see I do not like traffic and I figured for my own sanity and for the livelihood of all those on the road it would be best if I simply parked at a light rail station and rode the train which as it turned out dropped off us nearly at the front door of Mile High Stadium. As we departed the train, it looked like rain and with my luck regarding rain and football I anticipated a huge downpour delaying the game for hours. You may think I am being dramatic, however, the last time I was at a football game in which it rained it was the OSU/TU game in 2011 and there was a 3 hour rain delay. This caused the game to kickoff after midnight; I quickly began praying to the rain god’s that we would not be encountering a storm of such epic proportions this time around. Luckily kickoff occurred 45 mins following the original slated time.
It rained, it lightening, it rained some more, we got wet, it got humid, it got smelly, but the Broncos won in a sweet sweet victory over the Raven’s.
This was a sweet redemption for the Broncos and the town of Denver being the Raven’s knocked them out of Super Bowl contention last year.
My little and I had a great time along with every other fan!

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