Thursday, March 27, 2014

March Madness 2014

As the madness of March & the NCAA tourney is unwary I am handing the controls of my blog over to my brother for his yearly basketball commentary. I will be posting Chad's ever entertaining March Madness play-by-play emails here. I must confess I am a couple of days behind, but none the less I hope you enjoy! Hoops junkies, Thank you all for joining the #1 rated NCAA tourney challenge of the greater northeast. It gives me great pride to announce a new participation high at 36! This means our pot will be $360. Anyone who wants to donate another 999,999,640, we’ll have an even billion dollar bracket! Further, I’d be happy to lower the stakes, you do not have to have a perfect bracket to win. Just let me know… Until we land that money, we’ll go ahead and stick to the $360 to be divvied up to the top three finishers. We’ve already seen two upsets today with the Buckeyes goin’ down to 11 seed Dayton and Cincinnati falling to 12 seed Harvard. Tough… TOUGH day at the Meyer household, I’ve gotta say, in fact tough day for the entire underpants state. Good thing Dayton was able to shine on Ohio a bit. Congrats to John Forgy and Brian Wolf for being the only ones to correctly pick both upsets, notching a total of 7 points in the process, well done. Although, Harvard happened to be a sexy pick as 12 made that selection. Spoiler alert for those who picked the #1 overall seed to win it all…. Florida happens to be on the ropes against Albany, tied midway through the second half. Stay tuned… Again, thanks for joining, and happy watching / streaming. Don’t let work get in the way too much. PRIORITIES people! This magical time comes just once a year. Enjoy the madness! Go Pokes! Chad (March Madness MC)

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