Saturday, March 1, 2014


Support is an amazing thing which can help make anything look and feel better. Spanx….help to support me in my business suites, books… to support my expanding knowledge base, heels….help to support my will to be taller, and friends and family… in a way that make the difficult bearable, the excitement extraordinary, and the impossible possible. I can’t imagine any journey, especially the one I have shared with you over the past few days without the love and support from my friends and family.
My anchor when I felt as though life was out of control
This girl has been through many of my ups and downs in life over the past…….nearly 20 years. I never doubted her prayers and the unmatched strength that knowledge gave me in treatment keep my faith alive.
I received cards from time to time from this amazing cousin, I am not sure she will ever know the magnitude of her action. Her cards keep me going when I wanted to give up.
Friends I met along the way supported me in a silent yet profound way Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way and continues to support me, your love and encouragement has meant everything to me.

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