Sunday, May 9, 2010

A day for special thanks!

Today I thank my mother, which I should do every day for being the beyond superhero caliber mother she is. A mother is many things..........

A woman of faith
A woman of selflessness
A woman of dignity
A woman of unending love
A woman of grace
A woman of strength
A woman of great character
A woman of unmatched honor
A woman that never quits
A woman of tenderness

My mama happens to be all these things and so much more, but the most important aspect of my mama is that she is one of my best friends. A friend I can share everything with (more than she probably wants to ever hear), a friend that never falters in her strength and encouragement, a friend that is genuinely proud of me when I am overflowing with excitement from an accomplishment, a friend that wants to hold me in my time of pain even when her arms can't reach, a friend that I am so blessed to call my mama!

I love you Mama!!!

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