Monday, December 13, 2010

The sports fanatic…

I don’t know about you but I have what one would call a ‘sports fanatic’ or two on my list of people to shop for this season. As I was scavenging around looking for that perfect gift I ran across these awesome sports bands. And they seemed even more incredible after I ran a race this past weekend wearing a sports watch and it annoyed that bone that protrudes from the wrist, some silly scientist out there may refer to it as the ulna.

Anywho, these sports bands brought to you by Nike might possibly be a gift sent straight down from heaven. They are slim, lightweight, and most importantly don’t hurt any wrist bones. The sleek, easy to use SportBand track distance run, pace, time and calories burned.

When used in conjunction with the Nike Plus memory chip designed to fit into any Nike Plus shoe allows the runner in your family to connect to the world’s largest running club through 30 hours of workouts can be saved in the memory of the Sportsband that also doubles as a watch.

Do a little Christmas shopping for yourself and then hit the running trails.

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