Thursday, December 9, 2010

What is Christmas without a card?

For me, Christmas equals holiday cards, I love to send them and I love to receive them. I especially like to receive those cards that have pictures and a letter attached detailing all the fun adventures the sender had been through the past year. I have been sending Christmas cards for as long as I can remember and the past 5 years I have included a picture. My momma always used to say “do onto others as you’d have done unto you” so I figured since I love receiving cards with pictures, well then I need to be sending a card with my mug on it.
This year I used Tiny Prints as the company to hook me up with an awesome card. They have a super cool selection of cards, I am sure everyone could find a print they just could not pass up, I know I did.

In addition to cards they also have out of this world personalized photo gifts, from notebooks

to personal stationery

to gallery wrapped canvas prints,

your options are endless. Please check them out and personalize a special gift for that special someone!


All photos are courtesy Tiny Prints.

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