Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Drummond Fall Family Picnic

I made the flight back to Oklahoma for the third time since June to attend another family gathering. You see, when one has a family the size of mine………
…..there are bound to be many events, some of them back to back. The Drummond family just came off a massive, amazing, fun, energetic, and family centric reunion. The day was beyond perfect and I was not sure there was a chance the experience could be beat or even equaled. I was proven wrong as I stepped foot into the Drummond Ranch for the Fall Family Picnic.
It was a kid friendly, pie eating, pumpkin carving, and country dancing hoedown. A different kind of party than that of the reunion, but an equally joyous event nonetheless. This party held annually at my cousin Gentner’s home place has grown larger by the year and is known for its fun factor but more specifically it is known for the pies. Pies that are brought in from the far nether reaches, slaved over, perfected, some women and men still wearing flour on their brow as they arrive at the ranch. These pies are judged, and ultimately a winner is crowned.
I am not sure how many of you frequent ranches or the country. However, the more you tread through the tall grass, step in cow manure, watch unobstructed sunrises and sunsets, step in more cow manure, ride horses, enjoy the peacefulness that only the prairie can bring, there is something that begins to change within us. Some of us find our inner cowboy/cowgirl later in life, while some find it early and it never seems to leave. I truly believe we have a little country in all of us; the question is how much do you want to embrace it?
The evening was full of family
A beautiful sunset
And an amazing host and hostess
It was an evening like all evenings spent with family in which I will cherish always. Cheers to the family I love, the friends I cherish, and the new friends I made!! Thank you Gentner and Wendy for opening your home for a fun fall evening, it was a true blessing!!


  1. Does anyone know when the 2015 picnic will be held?

  2. When is the 2016 picnic ?