Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Intersection

Last week I attended a leadership conference; more specifically a women’s success forum. The day started with a keynote from Jane Pauley and continued on an exceptional track thereafter. I had many aha moments, many flashes of wonderful leaders & some poor leaders, thoughts of many people whom are in leadership positions that should not be….not to mention any names, government officials. It was a day of unmatched knowledge, blessings, comradely, and an all around eye opening experience. Here are a few key notes of insight I was able to take away. 1) Leadership is the act of using your gifts in a purposeful and powerful way 2) Inspiration is everywhere you just have to be looking for it 3) Be willing to say yes to something that is new, challenging, and/or a long shot 4) You find the path to reinvention at the intersection of where your gifts and passion meet 5) Don’t leave a career position until you have to opportunity to lead 6) Don’t trade wholeness for approval 7) The word listen has the same letters as the word silent 8) A grateful heart knows many joys As I sat and reflected, I came to realize, for the 76th time, I do not have the personality cut out for the corporate world. I have the drive, the dedication, and the love for what I do. But I do not have the tolerance for lacking integrity, failing truths, and trampling others as the corporate ladder is climbed. I have a passion for people, for kindness, for grace, for peacefulness. My aha moment was that of where my life will lead over the next few years. I will not share at this time what that journey will look like because let’s be honest when we try to plan things out God has a funny way of helping us to not follow that plan exactly. But I welcome you to stop in on this blog and go on this journey with me, through the highs and lows as I find that intersection where my gifts and passion meet. ‘When you discover your passions you light up your heart. When you live it you light up the entire world.’ JB

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