Monday, October 21, 2013

Day at the Denver Zoo

The weekend was more than busy, appointments, a move, cleaning of the old apartment, and somewhere in between a trip to the zoo. My little really wanted to go to the zoo, and I simply can’t say no to my little. Also, like anywhere at the current moment as the seasons are changing, it is a tossup as to whether Denver is going to have nice weekend of weather or a snowy weekend. That said I found a way to fit a trip to the zoo into a weekend that also involved a move across town. Unlike our nation’s capital, the Denver Zoo is not free and being like to engage in low cost or no cost activities I had never even thought about the zoo. As it turns out, it is really not that pricey for a day of fun, sun, smelly animals, cute babies, great walking, and did I mention smelly animals. Here is the day through the eye of a lens.
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