Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Christmas from my home to yours..........

I am home sweet home in Corvallis, Oregon and I am absolutely positively loving being with my family. Boy howdy was it is a marathon of journey to get here though. As I dropped my bags off at the Tulsa airport yesterday morning for an early check-in, the nice gentleman at the counter graciously mentioned the following statement….“don’t miss your flight out of Houston to Portland, you won’t be able to get on another flight until Friday”. I thanked him and walked back to my car thinking “how could I miss my flight to Portland, I have an hour layover in Houston and the bad weather has yet to hit T-town, psshhhh I don’t have anything to worry about.”

Let me reiterate, this thought was prior to our plane being late, not boarding at 11:40 like intended, nor at 11:50, or 12:00, or 12:10. It was not until 12:15 that we began loading the plane. At which point I felt my heart beating a bit faster and my brow began glistening with sweat, as I listened to ice pelting the plane I was patiently sitting in wonderment as to when we were going to back away from the gate. Captain Tim announced the plane needed to be deiced and we would be on our way. Peace flowed through my body as I was thinking we were on our way, that peace was due to a lack of knowledge on how long it would took to deice a plane. My heart started racing when I realized it had taken 45 mins to deice …”what am I going to do, there is no way I am going to make my connection in Houston at this point”. I calmed myself down and realized there is nothing I can do right now, just sit back, cuddle in, get a little shut eye, and I will worry about the connection when I get to Houston. The piloting was extraordinary, they made great timing, we landed, I ran, and made it just in the nick of time for the 6 hour leg of my marathon journey homeward.

The flight from Houston to Portland was a hoot, I met a super fun Cuban from Miami (T.J.) and a super tired but upbeat banker from Atlanta (Matt), we had a rip-rowing time. I am pretty sure everyone on the plane were wishing they would have been sitting in our row, or wishing we were not on their plane laughing and caring on, but we won’t talk about that second option. T.J., Matt, and I laughed about everything from family, to jobs, to films, to what actors we would like to meet and have lunch with and those we would not. What a great way to spend a 6 hour flight.

As we were descending into Portland International airport our pilot announced we would be rerouting to Seattle due to a “low ceiling” in Portland preventing us from landing. I talked to mother while I was in Houston and she told me the weather was amazing, sunny and in the 50’s, so I found this odd we were not able to land due to “weather”. Although I was having a great time with my new fun friends I was ready to be OFF the plane and with my family. While on the ground in Seattle as our pilot was trying to get clearance for the Pentagon, CIA, and FBI to land in Portland, and as authorities in Portland cleaned up the mess caused by the crash of Santa’s sleigh on the runway we made the most of it. Played games, made fun of ourselves, talked about passions, Big 12 football and everything in between. Finally after an hour and a half on the ground in Seattle and another hour in the air in route to Portland we LANDED, the angles sang praises, and we cheered!!! Eight and half hours on a plane was enough for me I was overjoyed to see the ground and hug my family.

Let the fun and adventures begin. Stay tuned for more heart racin’, fun lovin’, and joy seekin’ adventures over the next week.

Merry Christmas,

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