Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We had a surprise snowstorm today, and when I say surprise I mean it was partly sunny and then within minutes it was snowing, and no one predicted this beaut to head our way!

This journey started out incredibly normal. Mother and I drove to Portland to drop my brother off at the airport, the drive up was nice and clear, well clear enough to enjoy the splendor of Mt. Hood as a backdrop to the Portland skyline. We took our time to say good bye to my bro, it is always hard to say bye to people we love so much and only see once or twice a year…… oh sorry I digressed. Following our departure from the airport and before leaving Portland we made a quick pit stop at Ikea , the best home interiors store, check it out if you have not already, you will find the link to your right. When we walked out of Ikea it was snowing, yeah just like that clear and chilly 15 minutes later snowing and cold.

I am so glad I wore my patient pants again today because it took us 4 hours to drive 30 miles, yes you heard me correctly 4 HOURS, it was so crazy. I happened to have my favorite side kick SLR with me so I got a few pictures to document the largest surprise of 2009.

Check out how ginormous those flakes are!!

What an experience, gridlock for hours on the interstates, stranded motorist and cars abandoned in the middle of the highway. Yet it was so great to see frustrated drivers coupled with amazing humanitarians equaling people with an upbeat demeanor about a potentially discouraging event. Again it was a great day to be an American in a place where people not only take care of themselves but also lending a helping hands to their neighbors in need. I just love this place.

It is time for me to hit the hay; I will say good night for now. More fun adventures to share within the next few days…..I heard something about skiing in amazing weather, pool, bowling, and karaoke. Wow, sounds like some fun stories to come you way!


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