Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Let the games begin again..........

I found myself in quite the predicament a few weeks ago. You see it was the end of summer league kickball and time to register for fall league. Here in lied the problem…..do I stay on a championship team destined to win a lot of games but I really don’t feel a part of or do I switch to a team not as prone to win as many games but is comprised of welcoming hearts and a special man. The dilemma was so perplexing that I just up and didn’t register for either team. I went to bed that night had a nightmare that I gained 500 lbs, got up the next morning fired up my computer and registered to play with the championship team.

As fate may have it the decision was not quite that easy. After I registered there was a lot of texting, emailing, and by 3:00am I was informed I had been successful switched to Matt’s team.

Thursday was our first game and who should we be playing but my old team. I tried to sugar up my old teammates before the game with bribes and cookies and candy and everything in between but nothing helped, they destroyed us 9-1. However, my new team is a lot more sportsman like when losing than my old team and it has nothing to do with the fact they are accustomed to the opposite of winning.

Hopefully this week I will have pictures from the Thursday night battle.


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