Monday, September 27, 2010

A turn of events

It came and it went just like that. All the prep work, long hours, sleepless nights, short tempers and lots of hard work all came together on Saturday morning as we hosted the 14th Annual Tulsa Komen Race for the Cure and as fast as you could blink your eyes it was over.

Let me take you back to 5:00am as I was leaving the house and heading to the race site. I had everything I needed, minus a hoodie but that is beside the point. I pulled out of the garage and as normal for me these days I was running late, I rolled the stop sign at the end of our street, after all it was 5am who in their right mind would be out and about at that hour. As I came up to the next stop sign I saw a car round a bend behind me, I thought they must be going to the race as well because again who would be right now if they weren’t. I was just able to get that sentence to clear my cobwebbed mind when I checked my rearview mirror again and that car now had flashing blue and red lights. Are you kidding me, I am being stopped at 5am for rolling a stop sign in my neighbor where everyone is still asleep? I pulled over, pulled out my licenses and registration and was ready to receive a ticket for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign you almost couldn’t see because it was so dark or my eyes were still half asleep, either way. The police officer shined a big huge light in the direction of my car and yelled “PUT YOUR HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM!” I thought this is no regular traffic stop; I am going to be arrested. Now how am I going to explain that to the race committee………….”sorry I was not able to make it to the race I HAVE BEEN ARRESTED”……….not sure that would go over too well. I put my hands and arms as far out of my driver’s winder as I could get them along with my ID.

Ma’ma the reason I have pulled you over today is that we have had reports of explosions or gunfire in the area
Ummmmm, okay
You were leaving the area so I wanted to see if you knew anything about it, clearly you do not.
No officer, I am on my way to the Race for the Cure, I have been up since 4am and have not heard anything.
I can tell you were obviously not involved
Ummmmm, do I look like someone that can’t cause problems. Well maybe I do.
I am so sorry to have bothered you, have a great time at your race.
Thank you, you have a great day!

I ginned off to the race, going the exact speed limit and coming to complete stops at every stop sign. Once I finally got to the race site I had eager volunteers already waiting for me. I got them started and then called Lindsay to ask her if she could send her husband my way so he could help me put some signs in the ground along the race route. I got her voicemail left a message and then went on about my way explaining the procedures for the day to my volunteers. I was right in the middle of explaining the price wheel when my phone rang and it was my dad. This would not typically be odd, but being my parents are two hours behind us, meaning my daddy was calling me at 3:45am this caused a bit of concern. I answered…………

Me: Hello?
Daddy: Did you just call?
Me: No.
Daddy: Is everything okay?
Me: Yes, I am out at the race site getting ready for the day.
Daddy: Are you sure you didn’t just call?
Me: Yes, I am sure. I just called Lindsay, but I didn’t call you.
Daddy: Okay, so you are sure everything is fine.
Me: Yes daddy.
Daddy: I will call mom back and tell her you are okay.
Me (thinking): What you called mom?
Me: Okay have a great day, I love you!
Daddy: Love you.

Then like a bolt of lightning it registered to me...........I called daddy rather than calling Lindsay.

I will continue the rest of the adventure tomorrow.

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