Monday, February 7, 2011

The herb I love

I have been snowed in for more or less 4 days so what better time to talk about gardening than in the dead of winter right? Well let me explain more clearly, because I do not love gardening, but I do love home grown basil. Actually at this point, being buried alive under way too much snow for the town of Tulsa, I think I could find a love for gardening, I could fall in love with anything that required warmer temperatures, sunshine and NO snow! But during this month of love I will stick to the herb I love the most, basil.
I stick basil in just about anything I can……………

Roasted Tomato Basil Soup

Basil Mint Grapefruit Sorbet

Tomato Basil Bruschetta

Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Salad

Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Pizza

The next basil inspired yummyiness my kitchen plans to prepare is Blackberry, Lemon and Basil Gelato. Gelato makes my heart skip a beat, to add basil may just kill me. But I will die a happy woman. If I make it through my first taste of my upcoming Gelato venture I will share all the details with you.

Love ya,

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