Friday, February 11, 2011

Is there a baker in your life?

Because it is the weekend, because there are few things that make me happier than baking and because for some reason people keep asking me for birthday gift ideas for women in their 30’s, I thought I would share a few great gift ideas for the baker in your life.

Oooo laaa laaa, look at this chrome beauty. Can you imagine the number of cupcakes that could be whipped up in this high performance mixer. That happy baker in your life will be starting up their own bakery before you know with this little gadget as their sidekick.

What baker can survive in a kitchen without a flour sifter? The best way to thoroughly combine dry ingredients for baking is via a flour sifter.

Frosting….my one and only love! Just kidding, kind of, the mirror does not like how frosting looks on me, but my hips sure love it. What better way to stay insulated during these cold winter months than with frosting. Every baker needs a frosting decorating kit, whether they are a cake lover or a cupcake lover a good set of decorating tools is a must in any baker’s arsenal.

I found these super cute cupcakes on the Bakerella site and these silicups would be perfect for the job. These nonstick, reusable beauties would be a great addition to any cupcake lovers kitchen.

Oh boy, check this powerful tool out!! I think this sweet machine may end up on my want list. This cake decorating machine makes ever creation a masterpiece with the simple push of a button. It is an electric cutter that quickly trims sheets of gum paste, fondant or frosting into the perfect shape you choose.

I better stop there, I might just get carried away.

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