Friday, February 4, 2011


What better way to spend an hour after a long day at the office then to go on a run? What you don’t agree? Well I promise you if you try it out you will be hooked. I love to run outside on sunny days along the river trails, I love to run on cool crisp fall mornings, I love to run on treadmill when it is negative 7 degrees outside and look at the beautiful snow through the gym windows. I love to run and my body loves it as well.

The hours I have been required to dedicate to work the past month has brought my evening running to a screeching halt and I am here to tell you I can’t be happier that my schedule is calming down and allowing me to hop onto the treadmill. My muffin tops that have somehow appeared over the past month may not be as excited as I am but life is simply not fair is it? The treadmill and I have become pretty close friends this past week, because Lord knows I am not about to go running in 4 foot snow drifts with negative wind chills, I am not that diehard.

I say I not about to go running in 4 foot snow drifts, but I did go walking last week. You see I think I may have a touch of A.D.D, some like to refer to it as Cabin Fever. My case of this ‘Cabin Fever’ about put me in straight jacket so I think I either had a really bad case or I was suffering from something else. That said I took a journey, my destination was anywhere but my apartment. As I walked to this undisclosed location I helped to push three cars out of being stuck, I contemplated lending my super hero hands to a stuck semi-truck but thought again and kept walking and I got a lot of stunning snow cover Tulsa pictures. Once I reached my destination I checked to see how many miles I clocked and it was 2.85 and because of my luck I got to walk those 2.85 miles back to my place. What is that you say….that is not luck that is common sense….well common sense is not something I claim to have a lot of. However, that walk back was after a sleepover at this undisclosed location and a trip to the grocery store. Yes, my walk over simply seemed too easy so I figured what better way to make it more challenging than to fill a backpack full of 22 lbs of groceries and walk back home in pour down snow. Not one of the smartest moves I have ever made. When I got home I did not go visit my best friend the treadmill instead I curled up in bed and went to sleep.

So I digress…..what was I telling you about? Oh yeah, I love to run!!

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    BTW, I love keeping up with you and all you are doing. :)