Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is it finally fall?

The weather in my neck of the woods is starting to get cool and feel a bit like fall. You see the calendar told us all that the beginning of fall occurred on September 22, yet Mother Nature has just now embraced the idea of letting summer go.

I am not exactly ready for the incredably cold weather that Oklahoma likes to provide in the dark months of winter, but I am ready for fall. When the days are plesant and the nights are crisp, when sweatshirts and jeans are appropriate at football games rather than shorts and tank tops. But most importantly I am ready for fall tempts so the leaves begin to change.

I love the colors of falls, the organges and reds and yellows and greens.

I have never been one to jump at the chance to take a senic drive, yet during the fall my friends I would take a road trip across country just to look and take pictures of the fall colors.

Happy Fall Ya'all

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