Thursday, November 4, 2010

It was 1977

Matt and I celebrated his birthday last night with presents,

yummy Italian cuisine, a movie and some wine.

Wait, let me step back a few hours and even days. I was about ready to jump out of my boots all day due to excitement over one of his birthday gift. I am not a creative genius, we all know this, but my brother he is….no lie! I wanted to do something special for Matt, something unique, something that would be timeless and something he would value. That was quite the list of stipulations this birthday gift had to align with, that being said I pulled in the big guns. Urban Script was going to help my crazy mess of an idea come to fruition.

I called my brother………..

What up G?

Nothing just working, what are you doing?

Oh nothing, just sitting around twirling my hair.

Ummmmmm, okay.

Hey, I have a random question for you.


Sit down and brace yourself, are you ready, I mean really ready? I have been thinking, earth shattering I know and even more shocking I have an idea.

You are so weird! What is your idea?

Can you help me with a brain child for Matt’s birthday?

What is that?

I want to do something regarding his initials or year he was born, calligraphy and all the important milestones in his life.

Okay I will see what I can draft up.

Great thanks! Talk to you soon, love ya!

Love you.

My brother is a man of few words. And I would like to state for the record it has nothing to do with the fact I spoke for him as a child, anyone that tries to tell you that, run far and run fast, they are lying.

After many phone calls, emails, questions asked of Matt and having a creative brother I was able to give Matt a birthday gift that I felt met all the objects laid out at the start of this project.

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  1. Nice work Chad and Jennifer! That is simply awesome! From the look on Matt's face...he loves it!