Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pink Power Lunch

Tuesday 11.16.10 was go time. I spent the past month working on the logistics, getting speakers, working with the venue on strategy and preparing to execute our 2nd Annual Pink Power Lunch. A lunch and learned geared towards HR, CEO’s and executives in local organizations to educated and empower them with knowledge.

This lunch was not about fundraising it was about experiencing the power of knowledge, friendship and community…….to experience the power of pink. This Pink Power lunch was uniquely different than many other breast cancer presentations that our guests had attended in the past. On Tuesday the lunch brought together dynamic men and women of the Tulsa community to become educated and enlightened about the realities of breast cancer and the impact it not only has on the life of the patient but how the reality has changed the way some businesses approach healthcare and the health of their employees.

Our most essential tool for a better and brighter future for all is knowledge. With that said I made sure we had speakers that could talk with our guests about what they could do within their organizations to bring Breast Self-Awareness to their employee’s year around, not just during the month of October. Our hope was that they were able to walk away from the lunch feeling empowered to make knowledgeable decisions about their health and the health of their employees.

From the feedback I have gained, I think our hope was reached. I will not bore you with all the details about the topics discussed, but it was a well rounded, educational and thought provoking 1.5 hour.

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