Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1st....REALLY?

I realized the other day that my blog has more or less been nonexistent since I started my job at Komen. Well let’s be real, I didn’t just realize this, I have been trying to keep you guys updated, I pinky swear!! However we had this thing called Race for the Cure that was a tinny tiny bit of a time commitment, then October rolled into my life just as the race ended. October may not seem like a whir wind month for you, but for me…the girl at the Tulsa Komen office that oversees all the education and speaking engagement, October flew by at rocket speed. I feel as though I woke up yesterday and it was October 1st and when I woke up today it was somehow November 1st. All that to say, my life is (keep your fingers crossed) calming down for me a bit so I hope I can breath some life back into my blog.

This week will be filled with a lot of yummy goodness……….from precious new babies to yummy treats to birthdays. Stay tuned for all the fun, exciting, tummy satisfying details.

Until tomorrow,

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