Monday, January 10, 2011

First Picturs of 2011

Saturday afternoon Matt and I ventured down the turnpike to Stillwater to watch some great basketball as OSU took on #17 Kansas State. My Aunt Mimi was gracious enough to donate her unused center court tickets to us and we embraced every moment of the generous donation.

I am not the typical basketball fan I have come to realize, in fact I am not typical in any aspect of life, but that is a discussion for a different day. When watching my Cowboys play any sport I like when they have a bit of a lead and when I say ‘a bit’ I am referring to 10 point or more. I am not one of those edge of your seat, nail biting, sports freaks. The larger the spread in our favor the more comfortable I am. All that said to tell you I was not all too comfy on Saturday at the game.

The only comfort was this good lookn’ man sitting next to me.

He gave me only the details I needed to know as I sat with my head in my hands unable to watch 90% of the game.

Yet at the end OSU was able to pull it together and go on a scoring run leaving the Wildcats in the dust.

Go Pokes!!

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