Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A reason to celebrate……

As mentioned in my last entry posted way too long ago for me to feel comfortable admitting I mentioned that I got sidetrack by a fire on my way home to get ready for an engagement party weekend before last. Well the day has come that I finally have time to breathe and share with you all the fun festivities of the night.

Before I get too far into the details of the night let me share a thing or two about this perfect couple getting married in March.

-They met during kickball last spring (there is just something about that sports that brings people together, maybe the little red ball is really cupid in disguised).
-Jack is quiet and Carolyn is a social butterfly.
-If you were to have the chance to pick a couple out of a catalog there would be no way to pick two people so perfect for each other.

Just look at this cute couple!

Back to the party…….

Amy (on the right)


Mandy (on the left if you should be confused)

Marla and

Matt (that hunk I happen to be so lucky to be pictured with)

Certainly know how to throw a party to beat all parties.

We had a table full of scrumptious finger foods.

More friends than we knew what to do with.

More fun than I have had in a while, wait who am I kidding I always have fun with this group.

It was a splendid evening.

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