Thursday, January 27, 2011

We will never forget

The OSU Cowboy basketball team played Texas last night, the day before the 10 year anniversary of a tragedy that changed OSU forever. January 27, 2001 10 members of the OSU family perished in a cold, snow covered prairie in Colorado.

I would like to tell you that the game started with a moment of silence, that the family members in attendance of those 10 men were acknowledged, or the game was dedicated to the 10 and I am sure something along those lines occurred. However, you see Matt and I got to Gallagher Iba Arena 15-20 min before tipoff and waited in the will-call line until only 11 mins were left in the first half. As we sat down in our seats we were greeted with a t-shirt honoring all 10 men lost that fateful day.

Halftime brought an announcement acknowledging the families of the 10 men who were in attendance, followed by a 90-second standing ovation. Those 90 seconds brought back the memories from that day 10 years ago and the days immediately following. A campus in shock, friends in tears, and a huge group of people that became as close as a family.
Alums and fans alike stood and intently listened to the all of those brought back to Stillwater to share in this time of honor. There was much applause, a few tears and a couple chuckles as stories were told from former OSU players Andre Williams, Desmond Mason and Doug Gottleib in addition to the beloved coach Eddie Sutton.

Andre expressed how he could not believe that it had been 10 years.

Desmond thanked the families for allowing the 10 men to be a part of our lives. He expressed how much the men meant to him and how much they touched his live. Each man had a huge impact on Desmond and the entire university. He loved them all.

Doug jokingly played the blame game. He blamed Bill Tegins for putting him on TV, blamed Bill Hancock for fighting with Coach Sutton to allow him (Gottleib) to do radio and TV shows. Both men are to blame for Doug’s post basketball career. He closed by sharing a story about Nate…..Desmond was going to shave the heads of the entire team and Nate went to see a barber before the team haircut at the local Best Western. He got his hair cut as short as he could without shaving it, Nate told Doug that his sister would kill him if he were to shave his head.

As Coach Eddie Sutton was introduced it was mentioned that he lifted the entire OSU nation in those dark day, he was our John Wayne. Eddie quoted Bill Hancock ‘life is so precious, so cherish every moment of every relationship, hug the ones that are dear to you.’ Coach Sutton closed by thanking everyone for helping the team and the families heal up a little bit.

10 years ago Oklahoma State University promised to always remember and at OSU we keep our promises so last night in honor of those great men those 10 fallen Cowboys the number 10 was retired.

Kendall Durfey
Bjorn Falistrom
Nate Fleming
Will Hancock
Daniel Lawson
Brian Luinstra
Denver Mills
Pat Noyes
Bill Teegins
Jared Weiberg

We will always remember………


Some picture provided by Sarah Phipps

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