Sunday, January 2, 2011

Heaven help me!

I woke up yesterday morning and someone asked me what my New Year’s Resolutions were. Not to be rude, I mentioned that I am not one to set resolutions, I tend to not follow through on them, all the while thinking………I am sorry but resolutions tend be set at the start of a new year and unless I happen to sleep through the entire 2010 year it is not time to be talking about resolutions. As fate may have it I was incorrect it is in fact 2011 and I somehow missed an entire year, heaven help me I cannot begin to believe it is a new year.

As I look back on the lighting speed year that was 2010 I find myself smiling, it was certainly a great year, one I will cherish always. I was hired to be part of, in my opinion, one of the best non-profits out there……..Susan G. Komen for the Cure which allowed me to go to D.C. and participate in the Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure and spend time with Chad and Ashley. I found a new enjoyment in the sport of kickball and as a result rediscovered a man who makes me so incredibly happy and has brought me back to life. I moved back to the pulse of Tulsa into a loft in the heart of downtown and began training a good friend for a couch to 5k race. The holidays were spent with my entire family and the year was closed out in the arms of the man of my dreams. To say 2010 was a great year may just be an understatement it may have been one of the best years yet. I am so blessed to be surrounded by amazing family, the world’s best friends, a strong and extraordinary man, a job that can only be described in one word……….exceptional, my passion of photography and more love than I possibly deserve.

Here is to a remarkable 2011 filled with love, laughter, vivid memories and wonderful health for you all.

Love ya,

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