Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Photography 101

Because I have a big girl camera, because it is the summer and I don’t have enough to do, because I love photography, and because I am getting photography appointments very regularly…….I started taking a photography class.

And as I said because it is summer and I don’t have enough to do I am already behind on my photography class blogs………….oh wait, I am behind on my blog in general.

Our first assignment was on manual exposure using our big kid cameras. I like to cheat and take short cuts as much as I can, yicks did I just say that out loud. I like to take short cuts when taking pictures…….there that makes me feel better and not so much like a criminal. Because I like to take the path less bumpy and I am not 100% familiar with the manual setting on my camera I usually just put it on the sport or action mode and call it a day. That was until two weeks ago when I set out to complete my very first homework assignment.

On June 13th I fell in love and when I fall in love it is quite a production. Trumps sounded, angles sang, my tummy tingled, and I began performing back handsprings in my mini skirt and wedges on the sidewalks of downtown Tulsa. When the homeless people congregating in front of the bus stop looked at me as though I had lost my mind…I simply shouted “I just found my one true love”. They didn’t seem to feel the same excitement in their bones that I had surging through by body from uncovering the manual mode on my big girl camera.

Being that I do not have an issue with control, no not this sister. I am sure the fact that I can control the ISO, the shutter speed, the White Balance, and the aperture has absolutely nothing to do with why I love the setting so much. Okay so maybe I have a teeny tiny problem with control but that is subject matter for my psychologist not my blog post on photography.

Here are five shots I took for my first assignment……….


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