Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The wrong form of transportation

Imagine if you will, jumping on a flight bound for Baltimore thinking you would arrive when your itinerary stated you would. I tell you to imagine, but I really should just say think about the last time you flew somewhere and the experience you had; because I am starting to think that there are zero flights that are not delayed anymore. In fact after this last visit to the friendly skies which went from what I thought would be a simple flight to a journey of epic proportions in no time flat I realized I need to start considering another form of transportation when I travel.

I suppose I should I have known that my day was going to one for the adventure books being it started out on the rough side. I had to get up super early to pack because texting a friend all night the night before took priority over packing. As I was packing I realized some of the clothes I wanted to take on this journey needed to be ironed, as I headed to my living room to plug in my iron I discovered that the room flooded again during the storms the night before. It was quite the morning………………

I trudged through the day and made it to the airport by 2pm and was beyond excited to be blowing out of town. The winds however stopped blowing when I arrived in St. Louis; in fact they stopped blowing for three hours. Thank heavens for cell phones, moms, and great friends to get me through the delay in a small no food airport.

At some point during the night I boarded a plane to Baltimore, I am pretty sure I was sleep walking when I stepped on the plane. Then in the wee hours of Friday morning the plane landed at BWI and I slowly made my way to find my brother, a car ride to DC, and a couch to crash on.

Let the stories of the DC adventures begin……………………….


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