Sunday, June 13, 2010

Best golf adventure EVER!!!!

I uncovered a hidden treasure of sorts while I was on my crazy lighting speed adventure to DC.

Alexandria Virginia has always been a little town I enjoy visiting while I am in the DC metropolitan area. A cute little colonial town with so much history situated perfectly on the Potomac River. It is also home to one of my new favorite establishments…..Top Golf!

I was beyond excited when my brother mentioned we could go play golf while I was in town, however I never knew “play golf” would consist of going to a driving range. This was no ordinary driving range however, and I sit here today questioning whether or not I may have just had more fun at this driving range than playing an actual real game of golf.

Top Golf offers a unique driving range experience in that interactive games can be played between friends or siblings.

To begin each player gets 20 balls/game each with a microchip specified for each player. Six different game modes can be played; Chad and I chose the short game. This is important to know, being we both tried to drive a few balls that didn’t count in the scoring process since a game was chosen that a driver was not necessary for. Once the ball is hit the microchip in each ball tracks shot accuracy and distance in addition to awarding points when targets, likes those shown above are hit at a range from 20-250 yards. If the hit ball does not land on a target, like many of mine, points are not scored.

All of the concentration and superb golf skills allowed me to win two out of the three games played against my brother.

Yes, I am sure it was the year and a half of golf lessons I have had, rather than beginners luck.

My brother however made a comeback and kicked my booty in the third game......

and when I say kicked my booty I mean kicked it so hard I almost ended up back in Oklahoma. He did excellent, I am not always super excited to lose, well I never am, but I was really proud of my brother and his golf game.

I determined that this establishment would be a great place to meet a guy or a fun place for a date. But that is story for a different post. In the mean time I had the best time with this guy in my life, my brother!!

It was hot, it was humid, it was a Sunday afternoon in one of the best parts of this great nation. I was happy, I was sweating, I was with one of the most important people in my life, playing one of my favorite sports. I LOVED it!!


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