Thursday, June 10, 2010

Waking up in DC

I woke up last Friday morning and needed someone to pinch me………..was I really in DC. Then I rolled over and fell off a couch, hitting the floor was just the pinch I needed. Toto we are not in Oklahoma anymore, nor Tulsa, nor my bed.

I may have only had five hours of sleep on Thursday night, but I was ready to get out and explore DC. Being this was not my first rodeo and I have been on many of the touristy adventures in DC I chose to take some time for me in a park reading and enjoying the sights, sounds, and sun.

Don’t let the fact that DC is geographically located in the Northeast fool you into thinking they have cooler weather because they DON’T. I found this out quite quickly as I began to smolder in the heat. After spending 45 minutes outside reading I looked and felt as though I had just worked out for 4 hours. Oh wait, I was reading…the taxation on my mind was workout enough; I am sure I can blame the profuse perspiration on the over exertion of my mind rather than the sun.

Following a fun…well not really fun at all, adventure in the heat a couple years ago I can’t handle being in the hot sun for long anymore. With that knowledge I hastily began to map out a new plan for the day since the weather was not being too friendly to this sister.

This DC trip was first and for most a business trip, and I did have a Komen meet and greet I needed to attend later in the afternoon. Unless I wanted to hike, and yes it would be a hike, from Chad and Ashley’s place to downtown DC, I needed to start making my way to a metro station. Chad’s office building is conveniently located right across the street from a metro stop so I called him and told him I was coming by to see him and his co-workers.

For any of you that may be wondering, no I did not shower before heading out for the rest of my afternoon. I thought about it for a fleeting second, but then realized I had to take a 15 minute walk to Chad’s office and then ride the oh so clean metro and then do some more walking in the blistering sun until I arrive at the Hyatt to meet fun new Komen friends. So a shower really didn’t seem practical to me. You may be thinking that I must have looked like a drowned rat and you would be right. Apparently my intent was not to stun Chad’s office with my astounding beauty or to pick up any good looking DC men.

Have I happened to mention how happy I was to be in DC, everything about the city makes me all tingly inside, from the history to the people watching, and the activity to the subway. Speaking of subway I jumped on a subway car bound for I don’t know where, but was hopeful it was traveling in the direction I needed to go. After all I had an hour to get to my meet and greet and I was not overly familiar with the area of town I was traveling to. For any of you that know me well know how much I love unfamiliar territory of any kind……………

I made it to the Hyatt smelling like lilies I am positive and only a few scrapes and bruises from my battle through the subway.

I don’t have pictures to share I was too busy meeting and greeting to think about taking pictures. However, it is pretty safe to say that Komen staff and volunteers are quite possibly the most amazing people I have met. It is rare to find an organization that is packed full of kind hearted, energy filled, and loving individuals but I have yet to meet anyone associated with Komen that do not encompass those traits and so much more.

As my journey back to VA began I was able to take some pictures of the Komen Village for the Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure being assembled on the mall.

This is called unbalanced photography……I don’t think the Washington Monument leans that much

Representation of many countries lining the mall.

The map of Komen Village.

The stage is set for the 2010 Global Race for the Cure.


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