Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Days like today make me miss living closer to home……..days when I want to wrap my arms around my daddy and tell him how much I love him. My daddy is the first man I ever loved, the first man to take up residency in my heart, and the first man to have me wrapped around his finger. Growing up I never thought of myself as a daddy’s girl, but the older I get I think I need to reconsider that thought. My daddy encourages me when I have lost all hope, he supports me when I think I have no more strength to give, he laughs at me when my blonde starts to come out, and he loves me with his whole heart.

Happy Father’s Day daddy…I love you so much!!


  1. What a sweet picture! You and Chad still have the same hair-dos:)

  2. Heee heee heee, I have never thought about that but you are right :-) Love you girl!!