Monday, August 2, 2010

What a day!

Today started out a bit on the rocky side, I have to admit I was sad while driving into work. I know what you are thinking……well Jennifer anyone would be sad who has to drive as far as you do into town every day, battling all the road construction. You are right that does tend to make me sad, but today I was sad for a different reason, for today was the first day that we would be flying solo without our summer intern. Kristie was not only our summer intern; she also became a great friend. Her positive disposition in helping wherever we needed her was a breath of fresh air, but even more specific to my personal life Kristie’s fun loving, easy going, free spirited personally quickly paved a path to a great friendship. Don’t get me wrong I will miss the help, but I will miss the friend I made even more.

However, I am happy to report my day quickly made a turn in opposite direction. Following our staff meeting I noticed I had a missed called as I checked the message I began smiling……………by the time I hung up the phone I was grinning from ear to ear, for on the voice message I heard I had been selected to be in a Hard Rock Café commercial. Are you kidding me!!!!! I was super excited.

Long story short a day that I dreaded at the begin, ended up being one of the best in a while.



  1. So glad your day ended on a happy note. :) BTW I made your spinach and peppers lasagne this weekend and it was AMAZING. We have been eating leftovers for 3 days and there have been no leftover complaints. :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh goodie, I am so glad you liked it. It is one of my favorite has so much flavor! How are you all doing?