Thursday, August 12, 2010

Guinness Cup… 4

Game 4 started out like any other, there was a chug off, there was a first pitch, there was a first kick, and there were two teams one of which was undefeated. Our team set out to play the ‘Upperdecker’ for the second time this season. You may remember a couple weeks ago we played this team and had quite the competition on our hands, they were good, they played hard, they played with a drive to win, a drive to knock us out the field of the undefeated. We were standing alone in that field and began to realize we felt a bit like a lone tree in the middle of a golf course during a lighting storm.

We came out with the same determination and drive to stay number one as the Upperdecker’s had to take that number one spot away. With a Chris and Michael combination we were able to get a runner home in the first inning.

The game lost enthusiasm as player after player got out. Then it happened……lightening struck at the bottom of the 7th when the Upperdecker’s got two players into home. Just like that the game was over….we lost by one run, but more heart breaking is we lost the title of being the only summer league WAKA Kickball team that remained undefeated.

There were tears, sulking, and very little talking, well maybe tears is stretching it too much, there were not any of those but there was a crew of unhappy kickball players; until we got to Shenanigans for our mid-season party. It is amazing how pizza and adult beverages can turn any sad heart around.

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