Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Guinness Cup…..game 3

Guinness Cup game 3 was an adventure of sorts. We were playing a well rounded team full of talent, athleticism, and a heart to win. I should take this moment to point out that during summer league there are only 5 teams as appose to fall and spring where there could be as many as 25 teams, so we play each other quite frequently during these hot summer months. This however was the first time we played this group of cats and the first time our undefeated record had a chance to be broken.

Our team was off to a good start.....

we won the chug off……

The kicking was good…………..

The running was good………

Then all went to hadies in a hand basket for me. At the bottom of the 4th a ball was kicked……

Straight down the third baseline right to me. I called it “I GOT IT” next thing I knew I was being asked if I was okay and a teammate was pealing me off the grass. Being I am the only one that takes pictures, I don’t have any documentation of the story I am about to share……thank goodness!!

As rumor has it I was a part of……in the words of Lindsay “the most ungraceful thing I have ever seen” three teammates vying to catch the same ball. Now for any of you, not just those that are familiar with sports containing flying balls, if three people try to catch the same ball there are bound to be problems and problems there were. As I mentioned I saw the ball coming my way and I called out that I was going to catch it, unfortunately my teammate standing in front of me playing third base did not hear me. He began running backwards, but being I was looking up in the sky at a ball about to hit me in the face I missed the fact that my teammate and I were growing closer and closer to a collision. While all of this was unfolding, I had another teammate to the left of me that has no confidence in anyone on the team and their ability to catch a ball as a result he tries to catch every ball that is kicked passed the pitcher no matter field location. As one teammate was running backwards in my direction, there was another one running at me from the left, and amidst all that I never knew anything was going on because silly me I was watching a ball I CALLED!!! I am sure you can all guess the outcome of the story……………we all collided the ball was not caught by any of us and I was laid out with only a loss of consciousness for a few seconds and a bruised bottom and chin to show for my valiant efforts.

Despite the chaos we won 1 run to 0.

*****I was unable to make game 4 due to work, but we won with some drama 5 runs to 1.


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