Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Many words have been spoken over the years on this day. Words of memories, words of loss, words of joy, words of encouragement, but most importantly words that nearly always put a smile on our faces. As the years roll by and we all grow older I often times think how different my life would have been if our little angel was here among us today. He would be turning 18 today, starting his senior year of high school, no doubt having all the girls crazy about him, playing sports or playing music but playing something. He would still have his vibrant smile and twinkling eyes that lit up every room he walked into. My life was forever changed on August 21, 1995 and although following March 30, 2002 the realization that my life would never be the same was very real I vowed to let the sparkling spirit of Bryce live on. Though we do not have an earthly life form to celebrate with us today that is no reason to stop celebrating. After all Bryce Ean Martens would want to celebrate and would want us to celebrate. He is still with us all in our hearts and I choose to celebrate the life he had, the joy he brought to so many, the blessing we all received by having him in our lives, if only for 6 years, I choose to celebrate the amazing boy he was and the amazing man he would be today.

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