Monday, August 19, 2013

Mark & Kamron

1) Wow we look a lot alike! 2) Mark can’t possibly be old enough to be getting hitched can he? If so that makes me older than I like to think I am. 3) I am sure glad I went with the pink and grey dress over the white and black stripes; you know what stripes do to a figure. 4) The bags under my eyes don’t give away the secret I have only had 7 hours of sleep in 2 days?
5) Why did I not think to get a spray tan before this shindig? 6) Is it time to eat yet!!
7) Tell me again how Mark is old enough to be getting married; I remember when he was born. 8) If the day should ever come that I get married I am going to skip the whole church thing, way too much stress and tension. I want a day of fun in the sun.
9) I hope when I am in my 50s I will look half as beautiful as she. 10) I am so blessed to have the amazing family I do. 11) Mark is still in diapers, he can’t be getting married!!
They sure make a stunning couple! More pics to come...... Love you Mark!!

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