Thursday, August 22, 2013

DaVita Academy

Last week I spent two days with these three great, whacky, loving, co-workers who happen to also be friends!
We found ourselves being new employees (we like to call employees, teammates) at the same time and had the opportunity to attend a company seminar (we like to call this seminar, Academy) together.
We had a lot of introspective thinking, looking, and uncovering.
We watched teammates dance, sing, and form conga lines.
We were put into teams for DaVita Olympics.
We found out we have a lot of teammates that can bust a move and can sing like a rock star.
We had late nights which included shenanigans and early mornings which included a lot of coffee.
We had team cheers. We learned a lot, saw a lot, cried a little, were encouraged, inspired, and had fun. And………
We graduated!!

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