Friday, August 23, 2013


Is it just me, or is anyone else excited that today is Friday. This week has been one of growth, cramming my brain full of more information than I was aware it could hold, and very little sleep. Discussions were had on core values, effective ways of communication, the importance of a credo, conflict resolution, and we took the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. As my eyes are glazing over I am able to sit and reflect on what this week has meet to me, what I was able to discover about myself and how eerily similar the events of the past few days felt like intensive therapy. As much as I would like to share everything that has been this week, I am going to take time to share what I learned about myself through the Myers-Briggs test. Some aspects I knew, some aspects were eye opening. Extroversions vs. Introversion (Your Worlds) The results of this section seemed to be surprising to many, but not to me. After the 70 question assessment it was determined that I am more of an introvert. Now this does not mean that I am a hermit and do not like to socialize and get out. In fact the results have nothing to do with how well one socializes but, rather how one gets energized. Introverts get energized by spending time alone, they find themselves exhausted when in large groups for too long. Introverted individuals (according to Myers-Briggs) are reflective, they tend to direct energy and attention inward, often times it is hard to get to know introverts, they have depth of interests, gather information before relationships, tend to think before speaking, and often reflect and then speak or act. Sensing vs. Intuition (The Perceiving Process) This was a very close score for me, only 2 points separated me from one side to the other. Yet at the end of the day I was sectioned off into Sensing. This again was not took shocking in that there are situations in which I need facts and am really detailed, yet other situations in which I go with my gut and am more spontaneous. An individual that falls into the sensing category is one that is grounded in the present, fact and detail oriented, practical, impatient with theory, take things step by step. Thinking vs. Feeling (The Judging (decision) Process) I was 100% tied in this section, which for anyone that knows me well could attest to. In different situations I would go off of reasoning and others I would go off of feeling. Also not shocking 2/3 of men fall into the think tank and 2/3 of women base decisions off of feelings. Thinkers tend to be impersonal, objective, need things to be firm and fair. Whereas Feelers are less comfortable with logic, concerned with harmony, show empathy and compassion, and think about people. Judging vs. Perceiving (Structure of the Outside World) This was a shocking result for me, but a pleasant shock. You see prior to my life changing event 1.5 years ago I was as far to the judging side as possible. I was organized, controlled, structured, 0 flexibility, anxiety if there were not deadlines and strict plans. However, although I still favor structure, deadlines, organization, and plans I am also more open, flexible, spontaneous, and adaptable. After all was said and done I found out I was a ISTJ/ISFJ. For all you doubters out there, no, that is not an alien life form, the letter combinations reflect the personality group I fall into. There are 2 here, since I had a tied section. Long story short my personality is that of a Guardian (Inspector/Protector). Displaying characteristics of dedication, tough mindedness, modesty, and a since of belonging. Caretaking, quiet and gentle, handles neediness in others, and has a strong work ethic. If you are interested in discovering your personality I would highly recommend taking this test. If you have taken it in the past then take it again. Life events and life changes may cause the results to change. With everything in life that is constantly changing, your personality can fluctuate a little as well over the years.

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