Friday, February 19, 2010

Any Given Friday.

You may be thinking, ”it is not every day that I see my boss mapping out the “green” in my office....

It is not every day that I see what looks like the head of a hammer on the end of a golf club....

It is not every day I see a tough young man and a princess pink golf ball together”.

It is obvious that it is not every Friday you are at our company. In our office on any given Friday you will see all of the above plus a cut throat, in your face, rough and tough golf tournament.

When I first started my job at the company I currently work for I was timid, shy, and not about to putt with the big dogs. These big dogs......they had years of golf experience, and although we were not putting for a green jacket we were putting for our dignity. I was not about to put my dignity on the line, no, not me.

When will I learn that I need to stop thinking I am never going to do something? It has been two years since I started working with the big dogs, timid and shy are no longer in the arsenal of words used to describe me, golf lessons have been taken, and this girl is not a force to be messed with…….. especially when I have a club in hand, probably for more reasons than one it is smart to not mess with this force.

All the employees in our office gather on Friday afternoons to battle it out for the highly respected M&M trophy.

We swing………..

We hit……………..

We stand in great anticipation…………….

We have a winner!!!!

Yes, this girlfriend won the ever saught after 1st place M&M trophy. I tell ya, don’t mess with a girl and a putter.

I also give props to Mark and Barb for placing second and third respectively.


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